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I was born and raised  in New York City. 

As a teen, I won a citywide scholarship to study painting at the Brooklyn Museum Art School, where I studied figurative painting.


I graduated from Hunter College with a degree in fine art.

At the Ridgewood Art Association , I took classes hoping

to learn techniques in portraiture.  However, I really  consider myself self taught, since abstract art was more popular then realism, when I was a student. 


In order to learn how to paint realistic images, I studied

the works of artists such as, Gerrit Dou, Vermeer,

Hans Holbein, Frederick Church and William

 Adolphe Bouguereau... to name a few. 


In 1993,  I opened the Art & Design Studio of Rockland,

an art instructional school, located in Nanuet, New York, where my staff and I have been instructing students in fine art and graphic design .

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